Restorative Dentistry

Denver, NC

At Waterside Dental Care in Denver, NC, we specialize in restorative dentistry, focusing on returning the natural strength, function, and beauty to your teeth. Leveraging the latest in dental technology and techniques, we are equipped to address a range of dental issues, from the simplest fillings to comprehensive restorations. Our approach is centered around providing high-quality, compassionate care in a setting designed for comfort and reassurance. We understand that each patient presents a unique set of needs, and our diverse array of restorative services reflects our commitment to personalized care.

Restorative dentistry at Waterside Dental Care is about more than just repairing teeth — it’s about restoring your confidence and enhancing your quality of life. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that your oral health is optimized, giving you a reason to smile proudly. If dental concerns are affecting your day-to-day life, we’re here to offer effective solutions. Reach out to schedule your appointment and discover how our restorative dentistry services can transform your dental health and your smile.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a popular choice for restoring teeth affected by decay or minor damage. Made from a tooth-colored resin, these fillings blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, providing a restoration that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Composite fillings restore decayed areas and strengthen weakened teeth, offering a durable solution that maintains the integrity of your smile.


While preserving natural teeth is always our primary goal, there are situations where a tooth extraction is necessary for the overall health of your mouth. Our team performs tooth extractions with the utmost care, ensuring a gentle process and providing comprehensive guidance for aftercare.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a crucial procedure for saving a tooth that has become infected or severely decayed. By removing the damaged pulp and sealing the tooth, we can preserve your natural tooth structure and prevent the need for extraction. Our root canal treatments are carried out with precision and care, ensuring your comfort throughout the process and promoting the long-term health of your tooth.

CEREC® Dental Crowns

With our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to offer same-day dental crowns for our patients. This means that you can come in with a damaged or decayed tooth and leave with a fully restored smile in just one appointment. Our CEREC machine allows us to create custom-made ceramic crowns right in our office, eliminating the need for multiple visits and temporary restorations. You no longer have to wait weeks for a permanent crown – we can provide it for you on the same day.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges offer an effective solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. By anchoring artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth or implants, bridges restore the functionality and appearance of your smile. Our dental bridges are custom-made to match the natural color and contour of your teeth, ensuring a seamless addition to your smile.


For those experiencing significant tooth loss, dentures provide a practical and aesthetic solution. Waterside Dental Care offers both partial and full dentures, designed to restore the look and function of your smile. Our dentures are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a comfortable fit and a natural appearance that allows you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

Occlusal Disease Treatment

Occlusal disease can cause discomfort and damage to your teeth due to improper alignment or bite. Our treatment plans for occlusal disease focus on correcting these issues, relieving symptoms, and preventing further dental damage. By addressing the root cause of occlusal disease, we can enhance your oral health and improve the longevity of your dental restorations.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

For patients with extensive dental needs, full-mouth reconstruction combines various restorative procedures to completely rejuvenate your oral health and smile. This comprehensive approach may include fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, and more, tailored to address your specific dental conditions. Our team collaborates closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that achieves functional and aesthetic goals, transforming your dental health and your smile.

A Restored Smile Is Within Reach

At Waterside Dental Care, we’re committed to making your experience as positive and reassuring as possible. We prioritize your oral health and comfort, ensuring you’re well-informed and at ease throughout your treatment journey. If you’re ready to improve your oral health and achieve a smile you’re proud to share, contact us today to learn more about our restorative dentistry services and how we can help you smile with renewed confidence.

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